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Can't download PMBOK Guide from
Hello. I connect to through Google authorization. I'm trying to download PMBOK Guide 7 edition. asks to enter the password for the profile on
But I connect through Google authorization. And the password from the Google profile is not suitable.
Tell me what can be done.
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Hmmm.... If you connect through Google, how does it know to associate your PMI member number?

You'll need to contact PMI customer care.
Mr. Marinov, you'll need the password you've created when registering your profile at the PMI to be able to download and open the PDF file - the digital version of the PMBOK, any time you want to access its contents. Problably, as already mentioned by Mr. Parent, the process under the Google platform is just to give you permission on the access to the PMI web environment, connecting your Google account to the PMI account, making visible for both environments, and users you are connected at, your involvement in the social media debates. All the best.
As far as I know, the file password is the password of your PMI account.

The password you need is the actual password of your PMI profile that you created when you signed in and you must also be a paid member of PMI to be able to download guides.

I recommend you contact customer service.

Colleagues, thank you. Support service helped. This is my first experience with her. Worked great

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