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Best degree for PM: CIS or IT?

I'm looking to make a transition from pharma to IT/IS-related project management and would like to know what current PM's in IT/IS-related fields think regarding the best academic program to prepare for a PM role (as opposed to coding, programing, customer support, DB admin, etc.). Yes, nothing beats good old-fashioned work experience when working with information and networking systems, however this question is limited in scope to applicable academic programs. It looks like CIS is a better choice for a PM position, though CS, IT, or BIS also have their respective strengths. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Project management is a blend of technical and leadership skills. My suggestion is to go with Business Administration, picking IT electives.
Cyber Security is a solid one or Enterprise solutions like SAP.
Data Management is an interesting field for introducing to Technology Project Management. Data collected can be measured and analyzed to make the best decisions, enhance projects based on metrics, and promote improvements in your organization.
I agree with Veronica. Data management and data mining is very interesting!
Some valuable input above. I would say that general computer science credentials are widely applicable. Many job listings will include a variety of applicable backgrounds and "or equivalent" so they're looking for PMs with experience in the field, rather than in exactly your prospective job duties.

For more money, more specialized programs are sought after. Data science is currently a highly lucrative career as is cyber security. For the jobs where you can command a very high salary though, they're generally looking for masters level or above in the technical domain plus the PM experience, unless you have the demonstrated experience that really sets you apart without advanced degrees.

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