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BA life cycle and how it aligns to the PM life cycle
Calling all Business Analysts. How does the BA life cycle align to the PM life cycle in your world? I am researching industry standards, best practices, lessons learned, etc. Often times the same person wears both hats, however, we are fortunate enough to have separate roles within our organization. Thank you for your help!
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Melissa -

Section of PMI's Guide to Business Analysis provides some details regarding the alignment between BA and PM life cycles. This topic is also touched on in other parts of the same standard.

In my experience of wearing both hats and now in the world of squarely wearing just the one - it is a fine balance. The most key element of starting on the right track is that a BA (when I was responsible for that) is accountable for writing the business case with the sponsor - actually turning the initiative into a project. Doing that helps to establish the relationship of analysis versus delivery management - I do note my current role as a PM may skew my overall approach to this question.

In small organizations and small projects, you can find the same person (usually the PM) wearing both hats but in large organizations, now more than ever, there is a separate role and/or department for business analysis.

I find that both BA and PM lifecycles are interrelated and should be coordinated closely.

The BA lives beyond the confines of a project. While they have a role to play on projects, they really are operational in nature.
You can find the answer to your questions if you read the "Collaboration" section inside each process stated into the
"Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide". Is not inside the "The PMI Guide to Business Analysis".
Kiron and Sergio made valid points. These can help.

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