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C-Suite PMOs
I'm working on building a case for a centralized PMO. I've been reading that some larger companies are starting to position the PMO among the C-Suite. Does anyone know of any major companies that do so and/or can point me to articles of specific examples that I can pull through when I present my recommendations? TIA
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here is an article about it by Dennis Bolles.

As ex-IBMer I have experienced their PMCoE sind 1997. It was supported by a group of executives from all divisions of IBM.


Wendy -

Most of the big tech companies (e.g. Amazon, Intel, Apple) have PMOs reporting into a C-level executive such as the CFO or COO, but I would expect that large project-oriented/projectized companies would be more likely to have a PMO reporting right into the CEO.


I agree with my fellow colleagues. I highly recommend you take a look at PMO Global Alliance, they have a great PMO Methodology called PMO Value Ring that can help you create a PMO and provide recommendations.

When you get into very large companies, PMOs exist at different levels of the company.

At the C-suite level, there will be general guidance across the entire company. Consider Amazon however. There are many different significant functions such as the web sales portal, the warehousing and delivery logistics, and the web hosting services unrelated to their retail side.

Individual business units and functions will typically create their own PMO to provide more specifics relative to running their own part of the business than the company-wide direction.
Thank you all, very helpful! :)

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