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Private Demos or with the Team?
If a Project Owner wants to see a demo prior to a scheduled iteration would best practices include providing them with their own private demo?
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Best practices are the practices that best suites the project and its circumstances. If a Product Owner wasn’t available as needed and he wants to review the demo before the stakeholders do, then this is possible but in general, Product Owners are involved with the team so they do know what and how the iteration will be and if not, they usually provide comments during the demo session.
Melissa -

I'd sure hope so as the PO would normally be an active participant during sprint/iteration-end reviews and you wouldn't want them surprised by something.

As Rami said, it is preferable if the PO spends sufficient time with the team that they can provide feedback on work items JIT as those are completed but if their schedule doesn't allow for that, having a few scheduled informal reviews is a good compromise.

It depends on the circumstances. Ask yourself the value of having other team members attend.

Gathering the whole team can be valuable for information sharing and team building but can also be disruptive when not necessary. The PO may only want to demo specific features or functions which don't involve everyone on the team.

If you want more of an informal demo of limited scope, I would only bring who you need. More complexity will probably mean more experts to support. If you want to show off the team's work or want them to hear feedback direct from the PO, assemble the team.
On top of the above opinions, I guess to "democratize" access to information and learn from each other (and not reinvent the wheel or repeat the same mistake), recording the demo sessions is a practical way to share the knowledge (store it in a repository, e.g., SharePoint, Confluence, etc.) t within the company (organizational process assets).
If the PO is requesting it then "Houston, we have a problem". Something is not working in the dynamic of the team. This is a comment based just in what you posted above.
There is a difference between project owner and product owner. The project owner is equivalent or higher to a project sponsor. Presuming project ownership involves covering the project expenses, why not give the owner a private demo?

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