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PMBOK Edition 7
I would like to see a webinar or two about PMBOK Edition 7. Specifically, I would like to see some PMs share their real-world experiences on how they tried to incorporate it into their daily work environment; what worked and what didn't. What tips they might have explaining it to their non-PM stakeholders.
I think that we all get the Ed. 7 basics and the rationale behind the changes. But IMHO, the new approach is so different, it almost appears that anything goes. Perhaps, some of us - consciously or unconsciously - became too comfortable with the "prescriptive" approach of the earlier PMBOK editions. Even though, realistically, I have always used a "tailoring" approach to my PM work, I found it easier to explain PMBOK to the non-PM world in the pre-Edition 7 era. Thoughts?
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Paul, at the end the approach is the same. Just take a look to the guide "Process Groups: A practice guide". When you take both you will find it is more on the same.

like you I tailored the ways of working on any project I was in charge of for 30+ years. Industry, culture, .. the whole context plays a more important role than any frameworks or templates. Though I used proven local standards, if helpful, like from a PMO. Adhere or explain.

I did not see PMBoK pre-ed7 as prescriptive, it is stated that prescriptive is just one type of lifecycle that can be supported by the process groups that define the work of a project manager. Good to see they are back.

As to PMBoK ed7, I share your feeling that it is hard to use it as a base for increasing organisational PM capabilities and also hard to get security from it how top setup a concrete project.

Regarding the PM principles that are stated, mine are different and not so missionary. In the base, I think PM is about making it happen, and increasing security for stakeholders. Core features are the sponsor (who in too many cases still is cause for project problems) and the team, so it is mainly a people business.

Yes, would be good if people who used it could tell us about their experiences.

Check out Ricardo Vargas. He has a 1 1/2 hour video explaining PMBOK 7 that is free.
I agree with you somehow. The new edition is a little bit different.
This video offers a resume of PMBOK 7th:

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