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PMP Certification Project Template

Has anyone out there created a project template for getting your PMP Certification? Tasks, dates, times, etc? I was thinking that you could put in your start and end dates and then it would tell you how long you would need to study/exercises per day to get your cert.

Thanks, for the help,
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Russ, I think this will be different from one person to another. One size fits all doesnt work in this scenario even unless you want to have a general idea. From what I here, people take somewhere between 3 to 6 months of studying.
Russell -

As Rami has indicated, it really varies by person.

I'd recommend starting with a good quality (i.e. paid) full practice exam so that you have an idea as to what your baseline of knowledge is which will help you figure out how much effort it will take to bridge the gap.

You will also need to decide what strategy best suits your learning style. For some people, that's a prep course followed by self-study whereas others are comfortable writing the exam after using a self-study guide of some kind.

It depends on your learning style, talent, etc.

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