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PMP certificate are affecting job in market or only it's certificate
Virendra Dhobi Akaltara, Ct, India
PMP certification are getting job assurity or only certification
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Kiron Bondale Mentor| World Class Productivity Inc. Welland, Ontario, Canada
Not having a PMP credential might eliminate you from consideration by some hiring managers and recruiters for a PM role. This is specific to certain industries and geographic regions.

Rami Kaibni Senior Projects Manager | Field & Marten Associates New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
A certification can't secure a job for you as it is merely an indication that you have in-depth knowledge in certain field but it can help put you ahead of the crowd and help you stand out and then your experience is what matters.
Keith Novak Tukwila, Wa, USA
A PMP will not assure you a job any more than a degree. It is more beneficial when applying for jobs where the hiring personnel have limited information on the applicants.

If you are applying inside the company or somewhere they know more about your background, potential employers can talk to your peers and current/former managers. When all they have is your resume, the credential shows you have some experience and knowledge of standard PM practices across many different industries rather than just how your employer did things.
Nguyen Dai Phong Lead Structural Engineer, Project Engineer, Construction Manager, Prj Manager| Frontier E&C V?Ng Tàu, 43, Vietnam
I have not seen any job requirement that strictly mandates PMP; some companies mention that they prefer candidates with PMP. However, during interviews, candidates who demonstrate knowledge gained from PMP have made a positive impression on the hiring process.
Wayne Kremling Sr Project Manager| Boeing Anacortes, Wa, USA
This is a company by company decision. Most will indicate a preference for a PMP if that is the case. I have talked to some companies who will only consider a PMP for certain projects, and some only consider someone as a PM if they have their PMP.

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