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How can I find a Capstone project to volunteer as a part of my academics
Hi there,
I am Veerpal Kaur and I am pursuing Project Management at Sheridan College, Mississauga.
In my next term, we have a Capstone Project (we are 5 group members) in which we have to manage a project for an organization. The organization does not need to pay us anything. I want the community's help in finding the client.
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Veerpal -

You may wish to contact some board members of the PMI Lakeshore Chapter (which covers Mississauga) as they might be able to send this message out as part of their normal communications to the members. There are quite a few public and private sector firms whose PMs and other practitioners are part of the Lakeshore Chapter so I'm sure you will find a match.

You could also consider identifying and directly approaching some not-for-profit associations based on Mississauga as those do tend to also be in regular need of volunteer assistance.

I always suggest that people focus on things they are passionate about. If you are going to spend hundreds of hours on a project of your choice, you might as well spend it on something of great interest to you. After all, you're not getting paid for it.

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