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Topics: Communications Management, Stakeholder Management
Keeping Stakeholders Engaged and Communication Clear: My Top Strategies
MUHAMMAD KABIR Project Engineer| Freelancer Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

How can you ensure stakeholders remain engaged and communication stays clear throughout the project's lifecycle? Here are some key strategies I've found impactful:

1- Stakeholder Analysis. 2- Clear Communication Plan 3- Engagement and Involvement 4- Regular Updates 5- Active Listening 6- Manage Expectations 7- Conflict Resolution 8- Feedback Mechanisms 9- Documentation 10- Continuous Improvement

What techniques have you found most impactful in managing stakeholder expectations and communication? Share if any other methods you use.

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Kiron Bondale Mentor| World Class Productivity Inc. Welland, Ontario, Canada
Muhammad -

Where possible, an incremental delivery approach with opportunity for greater transparency is a good way to keep key stakeholders engaged as they can see the progress being made, have a chance to provide feedback, and feel comfortable than nothing is being hidden from them.

Maria Hrabikova Engagement Manager | Plex, by Rockwell Automation Ricany U Prahy, Prague, Czechia
I highly recommend Gary Monti's webinar on Rapid Assessment of Stakeholder Reliability. This webinar provides a deep dive into understanding the political landscape and (political) viability of the project. It emphasizes that grasping the political dimensions of the project is fundamental.

Here is the link to the webinar:
Thomas Walenta Global Project Economy Expert| self Hackenheim, Germany

Good list, but all topics are a bit focused on the person of the PM. I would recommend to see what you could do with the help of others. For example, delegate the engagement of some stakeholders to team members, ask steering committee members to engage with difficult executives, become aware of and engage in politics/ power balance (to Maria's point), and employ influencing techniques (marketing, propaganda, Art of War).

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