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Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Construction, Decision Making, Risk Management
Use of AI in Pro-Actively solving Construction challenges
Kevin Otim Project/ Construction Manager | Nitsch Engineering (U) Limited Kampala,, Uganda
Can AI be effectively utilized to predict and mitigate resource bottlenecks in real-time during construction projects, considering factors like weather delays, material delivery schedules, and subcontractor availability? If so, how can such an AI system be implemented and integrated into existing construction project management workflows?
Kimberly Whitby
PMI Team Member
Online Community Specialist| PMI Newtown Square, Pa, USA

Hello Kevin, and thanks for posting such important and intriguing questions (which I'm sure are also on the minds of your fellow colleagues)! I found a similar discussion thread that you may want to review and add commentary, so others can read your insights and continue the dialogue. Here is the direct link to cross-reference -
I hope you find this helpful!

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