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Are you interested in an example PID according to PRINCE2?
I have made an example PID according to the PRINCE2 method for educational purposes. If you are interested:

This document is written for educational purposes, for project managers who need to write a document with all agreements between the Project Board and the Project Manager.
The PID, or Project Initiation Documentation is made during the Initiation Stage of a project, before actual design, development and delivery is being done. The document is one of the main documents in the PRINCE2® method and is comparable to the Project Charter or Project Definition Document.
A PID is a management document that does not need to contain many technical details. These can be included in separate appendices. The PID contains management agreements related to the important parameters of projects such as scope, quality, time, costs, risks and benefits. Besides, the document describes how the project will be kept in control and which control mechanisms will be used.
This document does not describe a real project, although similar projects have been carried out in different countries.
This example however, will give project managers a clear idea on how to elaborate a PID for their own project, as the examples are clear and easy to imagine. Remember that each project is different and unique and the document will have to be tailored for different projects.

File attached.

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Thanks for sharing this.
I see you have some interesting blogs, Elizabeth. I will surely keep an eye on them!
Dear Rik,

The link seems not further working.

May you have a look into it?

Thank you.
The link in your original post is no longer active. Could you upload the example to or provide an updated link?

Thank you,

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