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Interview Questions

I have an interview for a new PM role on Thursday. I'm trying to prepare for questions I might be asked.

What are some of the questions that you've been ask when applying for a new project role?
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If you hire project managers, what are some of the questions you ask?

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What I ever do is talking about a project she/he has the opportunity to work as PM or any other type of role. That´s give to me very interesting information about the process she/he followed, the style she/he used, if the process/style maps to my organization.

Be prepared to answer "what's your weakness". The answer must show that you learned something.

Show your ability to stay in control amidst the chaos of things not following the plan and how you strive to get them to stay on course. You should always have the big picture view and drive your team to stay focused

And I agree with Parent, the answer to your weakness should be portrayed as an opportunity to learn and add value to your brand as well as drive your lessons learned/knowledge base for mentoring others.

By the way, "how would you manage change in a project or organization?"

Most important, remember the PM should always have a plan and re-validated the assumptions.

What are the hard decisions you have had to take as PM.....
For me as a PM "my earned valued determine how I decide. I am the first to tell/decide if we are deriving our strategic objective or not.

Good luck

I think you've just got some very critical questions. In my point of view, I think you should consider some more questions like:
- Which is your strongest point?
- What is the most critical responsibility of a PM?
- What is a successful project?

In my point of view, some questions may be:
- How many projects have you ever managed?
- The biggest number of communication channels have you ever managed?
- The scope and business specifics of some very impressive projects and the lessons that you have learned from each project
- Give candidate some very specific problems and listen to how he or she will solve such as how to organize project structure, which process you will choose for, the style of team management, how to solve conflict, how to deal with requirement..

Lastly, be aware of all PMP knowledge areas. Questions cab belong to any of them.

A colleague of mine in a similar position was asked the following recently;
why he wanted to become a PM?
what should he do if the customer asked for items not included in the original scope?
the schedule is tight and he does not have enough resources, what actions to take?
Stephane's example also came up, what is your weakness?
Hope this helps and good luck!

What is your greatest weakness? How do you manage this weakness?

What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
How did you or are you planning to overcome those weaknesses ?
Why are you interested in a PM role in our firm ?
How do you run a project team ?

what are the process improvements done as a part of your project?
what is the most difficult situation you have faced?

What was the most difficult situation your team faced and how did you help the team?
How did you handle negative stakeholders?
For a distributed team, what ground rules were set by you?
What team building activities were initiated by you for the betterment of the team?
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