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Lead / Lag Indicators for Steerco Meetings - Whats your thought?
Dear Members,

I'm preparing Lead / Lag indicators for Steerco Meetings. I would like to measure what is that value from Governance we are providing ?

Background :
From Governance Team , we are conducting Steerco's for 20 plus projects. Each Steero will run close to 30 mins. Every month 1 steerco per project.

Participants: PM, Sponsor, Program Head, PMO, Tech Leads (if required).

Following items discussed in the steerco:
1. Project Progress at high level.
2. Decisions/Support needed from steerco.
3. Risks/Issues/Dependencies Status.

4. We also take action items in the meeting.

Before Meeting : 1. I schedule the meeeting, Logistics, 2. Steering Committee Pack (given PM's for discussion)

Post Meeting : 1. Minutes. 2. Action items tracking.

Now coming to the point, Lead Indicators I have come out with following :
1. No. of times Steerco Cancelled
2. No. of time Steerco Postponed

Lag Indicators:
1. No of decisions made in the meeting
2, Satisfaction survey post meeting (i'm planning get).
Appreciate your comments/thoughts on Lead/Lag indicators for Steering Committee.

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Dear Members, Any comments would be very helpful. Thank you.
Hi Ganesh,

From my perspective I can’t tell the difference between your lead indicators and your lag indicators. They both look like they’re measuring outcomes.

I would say there should be leading indicators that are related to your lagging indicators, so your satisfaction surveys could be a leading indicator of Project Management Capability.

I'm not sure who your target audience is, but what are the drivers for wanting to know how many decisions are made, as opposed to how many actions are being closed down?

What would be your benchmark? If they only make 10 decisions in a Steering Committee, is that good or bad?

If you are measuring decisions you could also measure actions:-

- Number of Actions taken
- Average number of days an Action is open
- Number of Actions per Committee member

KPIs need to add value otherwise there’s not much point in tracking them.


Darren Kosa
Dear Darren Kosa, Thank you very much for your kind input. Very helpful for me.

Fellow members, Any comments from your end is very much appreciated.

In this situation, you have two goals "Increase the issue closure from x to y by given period", "Increase the number of projects reviewed from x to y by given period". You need to substitute x, y and period is the lag measure

Lead indicators are measurable factors that will have direct influence on these goals and should be controllable, at least 80%, by the team. Lead indicators are not steps or actions but measurements. Once the lead indicators are finalized, the team has the freedom to take any action provided it impacts the lead indicators positively.

For the goal "Increase the issue closure from x to y by given period", the lead factors can be "Discussion time on issues", "Number of issues by feature/complexity/age", "Issues by root cause", "Issue impact on cross dependent projects"

For the goal "Increase the number of projects reviewed from x to y by given period", the lead factors can be "Discussion time on each project", "Progress of each project phase wise and milestone wise based on importance"

All the above mentioned lead factors are measurable. Now, lets take one of the goals and its lead factor, to "Increase the issue closure from x to y by given period" you need to present more information "Issues by root cause" so that quick decisions can be made. Now, before the meeting let's look at what actions can be taken to influence the lead factor, here "Issues by root cause". Your team could advice let's do a five-why analysis to find the root cause. The following week for the same lead factor, the team can choose different action say pare-to analysis. But either case, though the actions are different they do impact the lead indicator and lead indicator impacts the lag measure of the goals too
Dear Sai Prasad, Thank you very much for your kind reply. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging.

Dear Members,

I want to showcase for this year how Steerco Meetings helped My Program comprises of 50+ projects to run smoothly and resolve their issues / road blocks if any, gain the decisions /support from Senior management to achive their project success.

For that i would like to have lead / lag indicators.

Request your kind help.

Thank you.
Any inputs will be very useful to me. thank you.
Have you considered using meeting time measurements as a lead indicator? That would allow you to create productivity indicators such as # of decisions per meeting-minute or, reciprocally, efficiency indicators such as # meeting-minutes per decision.

By the way, given that you have a lag indicator of # of action per committee member, you should have a lead indicator of committee members attendance.

Have you considered # of items (action, risk, ...) updated as a lag indicator? This is probably co-related to meeting attendance.
Dear Stephane Parent, excelent inputs, Attendance of key stakeholders is very valid as lead indicators.

Yep, Actions , Risk is defeintely lag indicators and it corelates with Attendance.

Thank you.

Dear Members , any other inputs is highly welcome.

Thank you .

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