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how to improve progress
How to improve construction project progress at site?
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Construction progress 'productivity' largely depends upon human performance.
Reliable measures of productivity is output per work-hour being achieved by workers.

Factors Affecting Construction Labour Productivity:
Project uniqueness
Labor organization
Real wage trends
Construction training

Factors having adverse effect on productivity:
Overtime and or Fatigue
Errors and omissions in plans and specifications
Multitude of change orders
Design complexity and Design completeness
Stacking of trades
Dilution of supervision
High accident rate
Jurisdictional disputes
Work rules and restrictive work practices
Availability of skilled labor
Reassignment of manpower from task to task
Material location – above ground level/above floor level
Adverse temperature or weather
Inadequate lighting
Regulations of various types
High absenteeism
High turnover
Material shortages
Ground water level
Attitude of the workforce
Crew size and composition
Economic conditions & level of unemployment
Size and duration of the project
Timeliness of decisions
Impractical QA / QC tolerances
Uncontrolled breaks
Time of the day & day of the week
Inadequate temporary facilities: parking, change / rest rooms etc

Methods of Improving Productivity:
The following factors can lead to the improvement in productivity:
Training programs for labour
Incentives in contract for good performance
Enough tools in working place and proper planning
Optimizing site facilities
Availability of resources
Competition between crews, areas or shifts
Good supervision and optimum manpower
Short interval scheduling
Innovative materials and equipment
Time lapse film analysis for critical activities
Cost reporting and work sampling of critical activities
Time and motion studies to improve efficiency
Reduce fatigue and work smarter
Safety programs
Use of precast and prestressing concrete elements
Critical path method of planning, scheduling and control
Value engineering
Worker motivation programs
Constructability review of design
Preplanning activities
Effective utilization of sub-contractors
Hi Fantastic, excellent...............................Sameh
I believe Sameh covered it all ... Good input Sameh
I do believe there's not much left to add to that answer. Well done, Sameh.
Almost a dream to find it all at one place/company/site, also a challenge for improvement goals at any field. Thanks!
Wow! That is an impressive list, Sameh.
Sameh, this is great!! Your list includes take away for other industries as well.

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