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Rita's Process Chart

Hello Everyone!

Please share some tricks to learn & understand rita's process chart with little or no memorization.

85 process at once is a large number to memorize!

your response will be appreciated.

Thanks & Best Regards,
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You do not need to memorize anything. After you study all KA's, make sure you understand all processes and in this way it will be easier for you even to draw your own chart. Do not memorize anything because it does not help in the exam at all.

Agree that you don't need to memorize all process.

I may have realized that many of the knowledge areas have similar process (Plan, define, Manage, Control...) understand the logic/interaction.

Make a table knowledge (vertically) and Process group (horizontal), the process put at the intersection. Some like it to study, they find it reassuring.
1 reply by deeban raja
Feb 03, 2018 4:12 PM
deeban raja

I agree with Rami & Vincent.

Focus on Page 61 in PMBOK
Table 3-1. Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Mapping

Get a print of the same and keep it handy with you.

No need to memorize, just understand the mapping. I never used Rita's process chart, nor tried also.
1 reply by Chris Clark
Jan 27, 2018 2:44 PM
Chris Clark
I am prepping for the PMP and hope to get a confirmation on the above approaches.

The idea is to understand the Know Areas and Processes and know the interactions in order to understand the process and do well on the test.......

Was any wrote memorization helpful.... or called for.... other than the formulas?

Thank you in advance,


Rami is 100% correct.

Thank you very much for your assistance! I would try to go this way.

Keep in touch.

Thanks again,

Dear Sharique,
I have read rita's book, and the process chart there is very detailed and heavy to memorize, and during the exam it won't help you, I agree with Rami and Vincent, you need to understand the processes and where they fall in the knowledge areas... concentrate most on the PMBOK, and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE very well before you sit for your exam!
Good Luck!

Agree with the opinions above. The only thing that you must memorize are the EVM formulas - and even then, it is more important to understand them than just memorizing.

Just in case, I'd write them down first thing when the exam start, so you do not have to worry during the 4 remaining hours.

I agree with most of what has been shared. The practice exams are very important. Know the EVM formulas.

Agree with Rami. Understand it and you won't have to memorize it and don't forget that the PMP exam is more of situations exams rather than direct questions.

I didn't like the rita process chart. There are a lot of people super fan with Rita, but I'm not of those.

I've used the Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Mapping from PMBOOK, and create my own process chart, with my own words, with my experiences and examples. Like this was easy to understand and link all in my head. Then I didn't need to memorize anything.
2 replies by Raghavendra Rao S Kadam and Rami Kaibni
Sep 14, 2016 12:23 PM
Rami Kaibni
I agree you need to create your own chart but Rita's book as a whole book is very valuable. Even though I am a PMP, I still use it and refer to it for some matters.
Sep 25, 2016 4:15 AM
Raghavendra Rao S Kadam
Why dont you try Mind Maps to memorize.
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