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Have you done Knowledge Management as project ? How did you influence people to share documents ? Please share your experience.
Dear Members, have you done Knowledge Management as project ? Please share your experience. How you have influenced People to gather the documents ? How you have prepared for the Audit ? Have done any workflow on KM ?

Appreciate your inputs.

Thank you.
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Hi Garnesh,

i have seen trying to implement a knowledgemanagement system as a project in our company.
It doesn't really work well yet.
My opinion is that you have to implement knowledgemanagement as a process and a function in the organization and that you need a responsible process owner for this function who has the power to support this function.
And you need to generate a knowledge sharing culture and willingness in your organization and with your employees what might be the biggest challenge here.


I agree on knowledge sharing culture and willingness.
We have a website in my ex-company called and all employees had access to it and the right to share documents. It worked well by time and was very helpful.
Knowledge management is not about to share documents. I have implemented this type of initiatives. It is an environment that is composed by several components. My recommendation is searching about that to understand the whole environment to put it in place. It is a critical component for each organization.
Thank you @Markus, @Anupam, @Rami, @Sergio.

I appreciate if i get any directions for inflencing stakholders and tracking mechanism for monitoring.
knowledge management is an extremely important part of business and through KM we have reached current level of development. Each employees of company learn a lot while doing day to day work and all these learning needs to be documented or needs to be converted in form of documented process. Like preparation of check list of routine activities, this makes work faster and error proof. Organization must provide environment where people can share freely their thoughts and opinions. Project closure meetings are also way of knowledge management where learning's are shared and process is modified to avoid future repetition of mistakes and best practices are made routine. All old project documents must be archived in such a way they can easily be retrieved as and when required. KM also gives new ideas and it can lead to path breaking innovations.
KM is not only share documents in a website, or designed tool. Enhance learning and sharing is one of the key points.

Organization culture will impact directly to the implementation.

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