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In EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) Project what should be the effort weightage distribution? Like Engineering how much percentage, Procurement how much percentage etc. of the

In EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) Project what should be the effort weightage distribution?

Let say for a 200,000 man-hour (100%) Process Plant Project
Engineering - X%, Planning - Y%, Execution (Procurement, Project Management etc.) - Z%, Construction Management - C%, Closing out - D%, so that X+Y+Z+C+D = 100%


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Hi Partha,

It is very difficult to be precise about those percentages as they differ from one project to another based on size and type but generally speaking I would say:

Initiating: 5%
Design & Engineering: 15%
Planning: 15%
Procurement: 15%
Execution & Construction Management: 40%
Closing Out: 10%

It's very hard to answer your question without reviewing the relevant estimates. You can refer to records in previous similar projects in terms of its amount and type. It might be totally different between Owner's view and Contractor's view in many projects.

One quickest solution is that you analyze the total amount of project and distribute the efforts based on key deliverables..

Based on given stages in your question from the contractor's perspective, I would roughly say:

1. Planning and Engineering including the design : 20%
2. Procurement: 40%
3. Construction : 30%
4. Closing(Commissioning and handing over): 10%

Above might be different based on the type of deliverables.

You might divide your project into phases like design phase, construction and procurement phase, and closing phase and they might be executed in overlapping ways. Majority of effort might be placed on construction and procurement phase. Each phase includes five process groups.

Yes I do agree. This all depends on which project type. It's different for oil & gas, Power plant or say chemical or pharma plant. I am just looking average weightage distribution from this group's vast Project experience. Any body from Power Plant? I am at present looking for power plant ( lequid fuel / gas based) of capacity 50 - 100 MW.

Your terminology is bit difference and efforts varies from Project to project but typical range for a EPCM project and I assume construction management means actual construction works:
Initiation & Planning-5 to 10%
Design & Engineering - 10 - 25%
Procurement - 5 to 10%
Construction or execution - 60 to 80%
Closing - 5%

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