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Best practices to perform Knowledge Transfer
What are the best practices to perform sucessul knowlege transfer in Project Management ?
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• Have a strategy, a plan in place
• Include different delivery methods that makes the session interesting & engaging, simple and easy to understand
• Create a document repository that is easily accessible, organized and updated time to time
• Review and measure the effectiveness of knowledge transfer, this can be done by performing reverse KT
• Include leadership support and involvement
An online system accessible by all employees but you need to ensure proper training to all employees.
Guys thanks a lot for the tips. Just an additional clarification is there any suggestion for a open source km tool?
Having established KM processes in place handles KT in the background. The goal and purpose of KM is to ensure information is centralized, organized, and easily accessible. With a well educated organization, there are processes in place for employees to regularly update their Knowledge Base.

The practice of KT would ideally, be with an individual, ideally a CKP, who will update the KB. Having an individual that is more central to KM, rather than specifically with the area requiring the KT, will also ensure there are less assumptions when capturing the information.

Open Source KM Tools
Normally, a turnover document is prepared, an turnover meeting with PM/Sponsor, and all transfer of project documentation to new PM.
Excellent information shared by Andrew and Anupam
If this is a process to be used repeatedly, be sure to build in a process to evaluate the efficacy of KT as part of your quality control of the KT process.

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