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Topics: Knowledge Management, Lessons Learned, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Learned lesson log
Hey all,

I am creating a learned lesson plan in order to record all relevant informations in a practical way. I shared acording to the project phases ( using The WBS as referente). So I would log The main points shared in the project phases. What do you think? Are you used to log the learned lessons and have a template?

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There are some templates available here:

Check them out - Hope this helps.
Hello Bruno,

You may refer these, I am sure you will get lot of interesting ideas -

Good Luck!!
There are many templates available. I'd see no reason to start from scratch. Always an option to add to, modify, or simply use as is, existing templates.
You will need to choose hierarchy as per need of kind of projects you do, you can organize lesson learned as technical, procurement, resource, schedule, risk in various categories and sub categories so that you can retrieve fast when you need to refer.
There are many templates available online. And you may modify any template related to your project accordingly to meet your needs.
Please check here

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