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Lean six Sigma or PMI-PBA
I passed my PMP exam mid way this year.. I am an Electrical engineer and want to further enhance my skills and knowledge. I am unable to figure out my next best possible path in certifications, which would help me in my career progression. I am confused between Lean Six Sigma and PMI-PBA certifications (i.e. which one of these should i take next). Seeking expert judgement , as there are many brilliant minds around.Thanks
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Hope this webinar answers your question -

Choosing The Right Technology Certifications For Your Career - Bruce Harpham
Both are totally different things. PMI-PBA is the certification for people that work as business analyst. Lean Six Sigma is one of the methods (to put some name to it) that the business analyst could use.
Thanks Mr. Conte for your feedback... I agree with your point... But both of these are being taken as coveted certifications. If one is to choose one, which one would you recommend to go for firstly, based on its wider global demand and application....thanks
You are welcome. I will say what I do to choose a certification and start the hard way to prepare for it. So, take it as my personal opinion only. The first thing I do is to estimate future demmands on people with the certification. And I made my estimation based on the market and the environment where I usually work. For example, I was one of the first to work in all related with business analysis with the IIBA and now with the PMI. So, I got my CBAP certification and I was one of the first in the whole world to earn the PMI-PBA. Does it help me to get more job possibilities? To be honest, up to date, no. But my estimation is it will change soon. If you ask me, because your job and the organization where you are working I would go for Six Sigma.
Thanks very much Mr.Conte for your insightful and valuable suggestions... very much cleared and focused now...
Thanks to you also Mr Ganguly, for sharing that webinar... it also helped me alot..
1 reply by Anupam
Dec 26, 2016 10:45 PM
You're welcome Mr. Hassan. Glad it helped you.
Dec 26, 2016 11:07 AM
Thanks to you also Mr Ganguly, for sharing that webinar... it also helped me alot..
You're welcome Mr. Hassan. Glad it helped you.

Yes, I agree that both certificates are entirely different. PMI-PBA is for Business Analyst and based on the content outline of PMI-PBA exam 

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