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How to Answer Interview Questions ?

What would be the best response to these two questions in an interview

What do you feel is the value of a good Project Manager (PM)?
What would you say is the most important skill of a PM and why?

These questions are so subjective it is painful; there is no "right" answer. I have been asked both of these and I like to think my answer was the correct one in the eyes of the VP who was hiring me.

The value of a good PM is to keep the efforts of teams on track. This was as a consulting PM for the Department of Defense. I had no authority over teams but had the responsibility to develop plans and schedules, monitor execution and elevate issues as they arose.

There is no single "most important" skill of a PM; PMs must be great communicators and very organized. Those two traits are the bread and butter of a PM; without those traits, PMs will be unable to define the requirements, scope, etc, and won't be able to relate to their teams, sponsors, and stakeholders.

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