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Difference between Scope Management Plan and Requirements Management Plan

The scope of a project specifies the boundaries of the project and its made up of the things the project should achieve (requirements).

Why do we have 2 separate documents: Scope Management Plan and Requirements Management Plan?

What are their similarities and core differences?
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Here is a good start for an answer...

Requirement is more general...
Scope is broken down as more specific...

That's a good start...

Take a look to the definition of scope and you will have the answer. On the other side the focus are project requirements.

Might be seen the scope management plan tell you how to get there and requirement management plan tell how to confirm your there!

Here is my detailed view :

Requirements capture the need of the client,
Scope defines your understanding of the clients requirements and sets battery limits which allows scope and change management.

Scope defines the boundaries of a project.

Requirements are the expectations which the product need to fulfill (are the things your project needs built). Requirements are collected from the customer, stakeholders and Sponsor.

I concur with Morne and Andre
1. Projects begin with objectives, which is the purpose/aim of the project.
2. Then follows what needs to be done to meet the objectives. This is the scope and deliverables.
3. Then follows criteria of executing the project and the criteria of the deliverables, which are basically the requirements

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