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Is project management useful in Instructional Design?
I see many many PMP with IT backgrounds but very few in the educational arena. Are they out there and using the PMP?
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As other practices project manager was born in the IT/software area and in my personal opinion after more than 30 years in the field that is becasue you see that. I worked and I teached people from Universities in Latin America to use project management by following PRINCE2 and the PMI`s PMBOK to perform project management. But I think that you can send this question to the PMI and the IPMA to get answer.
Hi John,
I'm a relative newcomer to PM Central having completed my PMP certification last December. I'd have to agree with you. I've worked in higher ed for over 20 years. Sadly, I can count other PMPs I've met on one hand. Many are doing the actual work of project management without the benefit of a common language, structured processes, etc. It shows in the high rate of project failures, but the same cannot be said for the IT projects I've seen. There's definitely a benefit in teaching project management as part of the IT curriculum!

By working for my PMP, I have already begun to influence change within my department (e-Learning) and hope that spreads further within the organization.
I absolutely think it is very useful in designing education.

One of my early PM opportunities involved developing and deploying training for a large number of engineers using new enterprise-wide software. It was quite a handful of work to define the training requirements, write the lesson plans, develop the course material, building the demo environment, training instructors, and even printing workbooks in order to quickly train many students.

From the limited time I've spent in education development working with the training specialists in our company, I appreciated how you still have a fundamental decomposition of requirements into a number of planned activities, some of which might be quite involved. It is a natural fit with PM.
John -

Let's separate project management from the PMP credential. The former is of value in any project context, and designing or updating a learning offering certainly meets the textbook definition of project work. The latter may be of help if you are in or are applying to a company which recognizes the credential.


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