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Effort estimation of ETL
Dear all,
I'm starting an estimation exercise for an ETL/Datawarehouse project. Does any of you knows a proven methodology and benchmark information to be able to estimate the overall effort of an ETL project. We have an idea on the number of tables/fields in the source systems, and a (very high-level) idea on the complexity of the different transformations.

Is there any website/document/whitepaper somewhere where an estimation technique is presented ?


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You might try the vendors directly as well as the vendor's user group.
Dear Marc, it has been a while, but a few years back I was involved in a similar effort. As part of our vendor RFI, we asked for and received very good ETL estimation guidelines. Are you working with a vendor product already? You might give your vendor or some of the leaders such as Informatica, Ascential, and SAS a quick call and chat. Good luck! -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International
We work extensively with Datawarehouse projects and have always had some issues with different estimation models that we tried.

Last year we investigated different estimation methodologies, and finally selected CFFP (Cosmic Full function Point) using the Six Sigma (DMADV) techniques, and then successfully adopted it for use organization wide for all over datawarehousing projects.
You may want to check out CFFP for your organisation. In case you want details about how we did it for our organisation you can get in touch with me (
HTH. Sorry right now can not tell you much about my own organisation.

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