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Atlassian Confluence - Tutorials

Hi All

I am using confluence for sometime now but my usage is pretty basic.
Can someone give me pointers to online resources to enhance my learning.

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Have you viewed the documentation from Atlassian?

They also have YouTube videos:

Aaron has shared some good pointers. You can also search slideshare for more references
2. (Good reference for integrating Jira with Confluence)


Thanks Aaron and Sridhar.
While I was looking for mainly youtube videos which could guide me step by step on different topics (for advanced topics), I will settle on the confluence documentation from atlassian. That should be the right source of truth.

Thanks again !

Hi Prateek, a few more suggestions for you ....
1 reply by Prateek Gupta
Jul 07, 2017 4:41 PM
Prateek Gupta
Thanks Andrew !

Thanks Andrew !

Sure, not a problem. I hope they are helpful.

It would be great if once you complete your training, to come back and provide an assessment for us and others.

Question, are you using the entire Atlassian Suite - Jira, Confluence, Hip-Chat, Bitbucket?

Keep us posted.

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for the amazing and helpful links.

But just quick question, I am new in in JIra/Confluence, and have a question, no time now to go over all the materials to figure our the problem, How can I get help ASAP, at the same time I started the training courses.

Prateek -

Beyond learning the ins and outs of using Confluence, you'll want to follow your company's standards for where & how project/product information should be structured in that tool. One of the biggest issues I found when looking at corporate use of tools like Confluence is that a lack of consistency in how project sites are organized can make it very difficult for stakeholders supporting multiple projects to get their information needs met.


I've been developing a series of Atlassian Confluence tutorials for project managers at

Here are the first two:

How to Build a Project Portfolio Dashboard

How to Track a List of Action Items in Confluence

I also gave a presentation to the Atlassian User Group in April 2018 and posted it here:

Hope those resources help!

If you are looking to do something specific in Confluence, let me know and I'd be happy to develop a tutorial.



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