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Difference between Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Assets

I am reading in the PMBOK guide (5th ed) and I am getting confused over the difference between Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Asset.

It is clear to me is that market conditions and laws of the country are Enterprise Environmental Factors.
It is also clear to me that lessons learned from previous projects are Organizational Process Assets.

But I am getting confused for instance in chapter and Here "Organizational work authorization systems" are Enterprise Environmental Factors and "Organizational communication requirements" are Organizational Process Assets. What is the reason why they are classified as Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Assets respectively?

When I read chapters 2.1.4 and 2.1.5 I thought that I understood the difference. I thought that the difference was that "Enterprise Environmental Factors" were outside of the control of the project and was mandatory for the project to follow/use/work in -- whereas "Organizational Process Assets" was something available in the organization outside the project, but the project could control if and to what extent they would be used.
Obviously that is not the correct way to understand the difference.

I would like to have some rule for myself so that I can look at something new to me and determine if it is an Enterprise Environmental Factor of an Organizational Process Asset.

Can anyone explain how to tell the difference?

Thank you in advance!
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Enterprise Environmental Factors: Organizational structure and culture, systems (all that comes with the project as a company related add-on to the project, but outside the team control.
Organizational Process Assets: Input to the majority of PMBOK processes like company specific quality processes and procedure, procurement processes and prpcedures, audit procedures, historical information from other projects, Lessons-Learned documentation from other projects, historical databases from previous projects. Also important to understand: Your project produces also process assets as output.

Thank you Peter.

I am still having a hard time understanding this.

Why is "Organizational communication requirements" an Organizational Process Asset and not an Enterprise Environmental Factor?
(Especially as "Organizational work authorization systems" is an Enterprise Environmental Factor.)

(PMBOK guide 5th ed chapter and

Always thin in LARGE projects with hundreds of people. The work authorization system is understood as part of the companies project management system, therefore Enterprise Environmental Factor.
Organizational comunication requirements: What is meant in to my understanding are the company procedures and processes to be considered in the project related to the communication with regards to Project Integration Management.

Maybe the confusion is based on my interpretation of "Organizational communication requirements".

I interpreted this to be "Hard rules set out in the organization about how communication shall be done".

Maybe it should instead be understood as "Lessons learned in the organization about what kind of communication is required to successfully spread information in the organization". Then it makes sense, and then it fits both with Peter's explanation and my original understanding of the difference between Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Asset.
I think this area is not clear to many and should be three things not two:

1. EEF - these are more about culture, environment (physical and others), etc. related to the organization and the environment of the project. It gives the project context.

2. OPA should be split into:
2.a. procedural assets or what I call Organizational PM System - which is about the written rules - policies, procedures, guides, methods

2.b Organizational Records: historical data, projects data, lessons learned, etc.

Now, for the exam - good luck. If understanding fail - do what many do - memorize :(

Hi, I'm thinking as below :

EEF : Factor due to the organization/outside party that will affect the project as contraints

OPA : Your company valuable "asset" which can be used in your project as input. If your project has come out with better information/data, then the OPA get updated.

Excellent explanations by Peter, Mounir and Eng.

I did find a pretty good comparison of OPA and EEF on that might help simplify the differences between the two. I have given the link below.

Thank you Mark, Eng, Mounir and Peter for your answers.

As it turned out my confusion was caused by misinterpreting "Organizational communication requirements", and because of my incorrect interpretation of this item I could not understand how it was classified as OPA. :-)

I am sure below link is very useful for you and everybody:

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