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PMO Mission and Vision Statement
Building a new PMO in a higher education environment and looking for wording to place in a mission and vision statement
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The Value of a PMO:
The following are the key benefits of PMOs that their organizations have experienced:
-Deliver projects with predictable consistency, efficiency, and success
-Provide transparent status and financial reporting to executives
-Establish foundation for managing organizational strategy effectiveness
-Alignment of investment to organizational strategy
-Improve stakeholder satisfaction
-Improve employee productivity
-Implement standard practices
-Long-term cost savings through improved resource management, limited project failures and effective execution of high return on investment (ROI) initiatives
Hi Rolondo: May I ask what type of PMO are you establishing; whether it's a supporting, controlling, or directing PMO?

I will not write anything you do not know, but you have to create your own thinking your organization from the point of view of the systemic thinking. Before defining the vision and mission you have to define your client, you have to define the need you will satisfy and you have to define the product and service you will deliver. That is critical to define the type and scope of the PMO you are creating. With all these on hand then you can think about the reason for your PMO existence (mission) and the future of your PMO (vision).
You should use words which will relate to the organization vision statements...It should inline with overall vision.
Like Sergio, I believe that your vision and mission statements can only come from you. Take the necessary steps - interviews, meetings, brainstorms, workshops, ... - to get the stakeholders to picture what the PMO is meant to look like.
I agree with the other statements - the vision of any PMO must be tailored to your company, as it will be heavily influenced by the company's own vision and objectives for the department obtained from senior management.
I recommend interviewing senior management to find out what they expect from your PMO, then brainstorm which of these needs you can translate first into objectives and then later adopt into a well-considered, meaningful vision.
This is great feedback! Part of the challenge I have is that a mission and vision for IT has yet to be defined so the challenge is writing my own PMO vision and mission in a way that is flexible enough to account for an impending mission and vision.

The PMO I am creating would be a hybrid of an Educational and Functional PMO - if that helps. I am in higer-education, which tends to be unique on its own. We arent beholden to what I have experience in other Fortune 50 companies that I have been in - but keeps the thoughts coming.

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