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College Credit for PMP Certification

I'm enrolled in a BS undergraduate degree program that awards credit for prior learning experience. I would like to submit my PMP certification for evaluation and am trying to determine the number of college level credits to request.

In researching this, I was surprised to find that the PMP certification is not on any list of standard evaluations. I've also not received any feedback from the folks at PMI.

If you have gone through this process, I would appreciate any information you could share with me to help me move forward on this.

Thank you,
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Hi Geri, ACE/CREDIT evaluates and makes credit recommendations for college-level courses offered by a wide variety of organizations, including project management education providers. Most of the leading PMP certification training firms have worked with ACE/CREDIT so that you can apply your PMP learning experience toward your academic degree. To be considered for an ACE credit, you typically have to fill out a form and submit it to your PMP education provider who then sends it to ACE for your credit. It is not so much that the PMP is not on any list of standard evaluations, but rather that an ACE/CREDIT team of faculty members and administrators from accredited colleges and universities follow stringent guidelines (established by the ACE Commission on Adult Learning and Educational Credentials) to assess the various forms of education and training that such organizations as project management education providers conduct. The work of the ACE/CREDIT team often culminates in college credit recommendations. The credit you get is for and based on the program you went through and successfully completed. The folks at PMI might be able to help you, but the best sources of help would be your PMP training provider and ACE. Listed below is a link to ACE/CREDIT. Good luck. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International
Hi Mark, Thank you for the information, I appreciate your response. I received my PMP several years ago and don't have an education provider to work with. I'm also hoping to have my indpendent study and knowledge evaluated for more than the 5-6 credits that would be granted for the courses I took. In doing research, I found several colleges which award credit for attaining the PMP certificatin. For example, WGU grants 21 upper level credits for the PMP certification. My advisor at SUNY Empire State will support my application for 21 credits, but I need to break down the credits into specific subjects. I've already reached out to PMI and WGU, but have not heard back from either of them yet. I've also looked at ACE evaluated PM courses from ESI which total 19 college level credits, but I don't know if they're considered upper level classes. I'll follow up with the ACE/CREDIT folks to see if they can assist me. Again, thanks for the input. Regards, Geri
I am checking the ACE national guide and there is no mention of credits for the PMP certification, can anyone help? how can I find out the amount of credits recomended for the PMP certification? and thanks in advance for your help.
PS: I am looking for a cheap online university to finish my B.S degree in project management if you have any suggestions I will be thankfull.
I am also a PMP and in college. I found you can submit via 'portfolio' (lot of writing and documenting) your PMP certification. Many of the colleges will judge based on number of hours spend. Colleges will vary on what they will allow in your portfolio and it has to link to a regular credit hour class. In my case I could have 3 credit hours form my PMP for a college level project management class. Excelsior would not issue credit for say risk management. That topic and hours spend would be included under the proj mgmt class..................Now for PMI. I have work with 2 directors thus far trying to get PMI to submit to ACE and have PMP registered so that ACE credit can be accepted at any college level. I have volunteered my service for the project..................Currently Mike Price is heading the PMI Accreditation Programs Department. I received a response from Mike this past April 2007.
Here is Mike's response..............Thank you for your interest in ACE recognition of the PMP credential for college credit. Currently we are without a Manager for Certification, so this creates a short term problem for doing this project. However, I have formally submitted the idea to our Executive Management Team for their consideration. I think it is a very good idea and I appreciate your willingness to help in the process. I think this will eventually get done – either by assigning a project manager to the task now or when the new manager comes on board.

Best regards,
Michael A. Price, Ph.D., RA
Manager of Accreditation Programs
Project Management Institute
4 Campus Blvd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073
610-355-1614 voice
610-355-1694 fax
[email protected]

........................Every few months I check in to see if its been assigned. If you are a PMP and would like to see this get done I encourage you to email mike and express your interest in seeing it completed--sooner rather than later.
Can anyone assist? I am submitting for a 'Request for previous credit" UK degree and need to indicate how many credits the PMP equates to. I have no idea what information is needed. Can someone assist.
You will need to speak to the college admission counselor where you plan to attend. PMP certification courses have been ACE evaluated for some program providers but is not generally given any standard allotment of college credit hours. Good luck in your endeavor.

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