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project schedule

In marathon questionnaires on Challenges , observed this question has been asked twice but with different answer -

A project schedule that is presented in summary form is referred to as the______.

First Time : master schedule

Second Time : milestone schedule

Both seems correct in response.

is that mean milestone schedule equal to master schedule ?
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To my understanding they both are same.

Ref : PMBOK Guide 5th edition, Chapter 6 Project Time Management, page-182
"The project schedule presentation may be presented in summary form, sometimes referred to as the master schedule or milestone schedule , or presented in detail

The Correct reply is master schedule which is using for material, product , staffing, inventory etc., we have MPS and MPG.

In Milestone schedule, we are not making summary always but sometimes we can make summary as well.

The master schedule implies that there are sub-schedules.

The milestone schedule implies that it is a subset of a larger schedule with detailed activities

Thanks on these inputs.

As per Scheduling Standards,

1. Master Schedule: its a schedule prepared by coordinating with all stakeholders for the project by understanding scope/deliverable, divide the scope in WBS & activity level to make every on same page.
2. Milestone schedule: Its a contractual requirement or mutual agreement between client & contractor to execute the project with agreed significant points/events.

Hi Debasish,

Milestone is an significant point & event of a project. A milestone schedule is a summary-level schedule that identifies major key schedule milestone while Master schedule is a summary project schedule that identifies major deliverable and WBS components & key schedule milestone. They serve different purpose in scheduling.

As such, Master Schedule contain key schedule milestone but not otherwise.

I would feel that qualified PMI-SP should be able to share more precise answer.


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