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How to get the AGILE Project Experience

HI, would like to know how to get the AGILE project experience to apply Agile certification @ PMI.

though PMP certified this month..

many thanks in advance..
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Hi Natesan,
The best way is to start using Agile in your projects and show the management benefit of it. Use tools and techniques as showing the experience is not important gaining the actual experience is what is disired.


Applying for ACP exam requires 1,500 hours working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies which is in addition to the 2,000 hours of general project experience (which you don't require being PMP certified).
The role in the Agile project could be any product owner, project manager( scrum master) or team member, I don't think that there is another way but to be part of a project which uses agile methodologies.

The first thing to do is to understand that Agile something does not exists. In fact, you can search inside the new PMBOK and you will not find any reference to Agile something. What exists is project management performed into environments where Agile practices are being using. Then, the first thing is understanding what Agile really is. To do that, take into account that Agile did not start with the Manifesto. Search for the genesis looking for Mr. Rick Dove´s book "Response Ability" which contains most of the deliverables of the place where Agile was formally born in 1990 (I was part). The second part of this history is what @Najam stated above. If you like to short the journey then you can choose to select a method to apply Agile and then you can select to be an specialist on those methods. Former Agile Software Development methods are today Agile Solution Delivery methods like Scrum (which in fact is a framework not a method) and DSDM (I was part of the group of the authors on versions 1 and 2 when it was a method free for use). Here you could be in trouble. Why? Because you will find that DSDM has the project manager role defined into it but Scrum has not as @Najam statted. If you ask me, it good to take a third alternative: take knowledge about all techniques and tools most commonly used into Agile environments in independent way of methods. You can find them into books like Highsmith´s book "Agile Project Management" (yes, bad name but it was written when the movement started).

So, returning to your answer, if you do not have chance to work on Agile based environments then you can make your own experience by using some most commonly used methods. For example, when you work with project requirements you can use MoSCoW technique to prioritize them or you can use burn-down charts to control the project progress, etc. Those are ways to implement Agile with any project life cycle including waterfall.

If its ACP you're after, as previously stated, you will need the required hours of experience.

Thanks for sharing information

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