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How to get PDUs for free ?
Is there away to get PDUs for free ? please advise
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There are a few ways to get free PDUs. This blog lists a few of them, i.e. reading articles, watching webinars and attending meetings:
Webinar in project is the source for free PDU.
By watching it you will get professional development ideas along with PDU.
There are multiple ways to do this:

1. In the Giving Back category, you can volunteer, work as a PM, write articles or give presentations.

2. In the Education category, you can read a book or watch free webinars such as the ones on this site

I love the Webinar right here on Project
I agree with the others. I earned a majority of my PDU's right here by taking webinars, participating in online conferences and going to PMUniversity.
I also have used the site where I found some free training on Scrum and Six Sigma.
1 reply by Mostafa Abdel Moneam
Mar 31, 2018 1:57 AM
Mostafa Abdel Moneam
Hello, Great DINAH
How can I appreciate your review and your valuable information.
I just verify 8 PDUs and certified as SSYB.
I'm sure this event will Impact my life path.
How you INFLUENCE me.
What a beautiful you are.
There are many ways to do so of which some are:

1- Working as Practitioners (8 PDU's / Cycle)
2- Education which includes participation in discussions and so on
3- Webinars (If you are a paid PMI Member), there are plenty of webinars you can watch and they will be automatically reported.
I earned all my PDU's right here by participating in live webinars, watching on demand webinars and also by writing article etc.
Watch the webinars from this site.
Yes, webinars on offer free PDUs.
Webinars here at is the easy choice, PDUs report are automatic. That is if you use the same login from PMI.

You can find webinar on Internet that are free, you just need to report them, many will qualify.

Reading PM books can be reported for PDUs, get them at a public library for free!
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