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DevOps Project Manager Certification

Hi Team,

Could anyone tell me what certification is required to become DevOps Project Manger ?
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Anand -

DevOps is a change to people, process & technology to break down the walls between development & operations. As such, I'm not clear on what you mean by DevOps Project Manager - is it a PM leading a project to change an organization's delivery capability to be more agile, or is it someone managing a technology project in a DevOps-enabled environment?

In either case, I don't feel that certification should be your first priority - gaining experience managing one or more technology projects in an agile environment would be a better bet.


There are several options for becoming certified with DevOps - AWS, Puppet, DevOps Institue. From there, you can combine with a Project Management credential and market yourself as such.

To my knowledge, there is no 'DevOps Project Manager', though you can be proficient and experienced with devops as a project manager.

Since it's fairly new in terms of certifications, it's hard to know what ones will become the industry standard. Therefore hold off on those certifications, and as kiron said gaining experience in these projects is more important for now.

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