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PMBOK 6th edition changes

It looks like the PMP exams utilizing 6th Edition of PMBOK are starting in March this year (2018)

I was curious what the differences are and how it applies to everyone that is writing the exam and current PMPs.

Total Number of processes increased from 47 to 49. There were both additions and deletions. There will be three new processes in PMBOK 6th edition.
Process: Manage Project Knowledge - Executing Process Group - Integration Management Knowledge area
Process: Implement Risk Responses- Executing Process Group - Risk Management Knowledge area
Process: Control Resources - Monitoring and Controlling Process Group - Resource Management Knowledge Area

Close procurement in Procurement Knowledge area has been removed as a process and the content of this process clubbed with control procurement and close project. Close procurement was dealing with the closure of contracts of vendors which was generally not performed by project managers in most organizations. Hence, PMI implementing Kaizen and feedback into its processes has modified to reflect the reality.

Agile in PMBOK 6th Edition
In order to keep up with the current practices is,6th addition is adding more information on the iterative and adaptive methods. Therefore, this includes the agile methodology.
Many projects are embracing the agile methodology to deliver their projects. Hence, PMI has updated the PMBOK 6th edition with the relevant agile practices that are needed for each knowledge area. Moreover, an appendix containing practices used in adaptive environment is a great change in PMBOK 6th edition.

Escalate Response: During project execution, you may not be able to handle all the risk and the many need to be escalated to others to be addressed appropriately. You can do this in PMBOK 6th edition using ‘Escalate Response’

Scope: Though you may have seen the mention of project scope as part of the total scope, PMBOK 6th edition emphasizes the importance of both product and project scope.

Human Resource Management has been renamed to Resource Management to include other types of resources aside from HR.

Time Management has been renamed to Schedule Management to ensure emphasis on Scheduling and not just managing time.

There is a larger emphasis on soft skills in the 6th Edition. Leadership skills include emotional intelligence, problem solving, team building and influencing which give you the needed competency to motivate your team.

There are other smaller changes. Feel free to comment and add your perspective on these changes.
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I feel the ITTO's are now very detailed compared to the 5'th Edition.
For eg: Project Management Plan Updates, Project Document Updates under each process has been elaborated.

Thanks for the detailed review Dejan. I especially like the Escalate addition in PMBOK 6.

While I liked the additions such as the expanded content on the role of the PM, the tailoring considerations/emerging trends/agile additions to each knowledge area, the strategic renaming of some processes & knowledge areas, and the addition of a few useful images, my biggest concern is with some of the eliminations including Delphi method, Pareto charts, CCPM and the seven basic quality tools...

I also felt the ANSI standard could have been published as a separate document as it just adds to the "bloat" of the Guide and is very redundant...


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