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Project Director vs Director of Project Management
Hello, I am curious on the community's take on the difference between the title of a Project Director vs. Director of Project Management, and the associated difference in roles and responsibilities. I perceive the Project Director role to be more junior than the Director of Project Management, but couldn't find any concrete information. Feedback is appreciated, thanks!
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Hmmm. Not sure but perhaps the term "Project Director" is synonymous with Project Manager and implies one project while "Director of Project Management" may be an individual who oversees the practice of project management within an organization?

Titles mean different things in different places. I have a "Director" in my title and to be honest it's pretty much synonymous with "Manager".

I have found the same title to mean different things at different companies, and vice versa. In my experience, I have found "Project Directors" to be high-level project managers or even program managers. A "Director of Project Management", in my experience, is more of a PMO function and someone who oversees tools and processes for implementing project management best practices. Again, it all depends on the company... although it would be great if there were some sort of standard (or guidance) in the industry.

Craig's definition certainly holds true in the States. Here, a 'Director of Project Management' is a high-level position that oversees an organization's entire project management function, with responsibility over Project Managers. S/he often reports to a Vice President or similar level.

I certainly agree with Craig description, and Eric complement.

Depends on the organization. Hadn't heard of either actually. Director PMO maybe, but regardless, really just depends on how the organization aligns titles and responsibilities.
As most said, depends on the organization.

However, in generic terms, a project director is typically a title given to a senior - high-level project manager managing a large-complex or mega project. So this title is common on capital projects. The role would be like a PM but much higher level.

A director of PM is an organizational position for the person who probably manage a PM Department or Division, which could be very small or quite large.

I agree that Titles and Responsibilities, either "Director of Project" or "Director of Project Management" will depend on the organization and also the context.

At the bank I used to work for, a Project Director was usually a very senior PM professional who was responsible for leading one of the larger, more strategic project. A Director of PM on the other hand is often a PMO leader or might be responsible for a portfolio of projects.

However, these titles are organization specific.


Craig is on point
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