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I need a software or a webpage for my Employees

I need a software or a webpage for My salesman where thet can always write down this : when a customer enters the store
Name , woman/men , date visit, if they have plans to buy something soon, when to reach him again,
how positive we considere their visits, if she/he accepted the coffe we offer, how much time he was
on the visit,in which car/model he is interested more , if he asking for credit which kind, and some other
similar information.

I want a log in for each one of my employees, and in graphics i want to study the monthly results in a general table.
I use excel for this and works , but i want a better plataform because we are talking about one of the main agencies
that work straight from the brand RENAULT. Ive been visiting some other plataforms and softwares but they are not capable
to do all the tasks and data i need to be stored. Hope to get an answer soon.

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