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How does the number of stakeholders affect my project cost?

Our normal training projects involve reviews from Subject Matter Expertise (SMEs), let's say each project has 1 identified SME to review for technical accuracy.
I'm starting a project which includes reviews & communication with 10 SMEs for the task that used to have 1 SME. How can I calculate the impact on my project effort & cost due to the increase of stakeholders?
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As with any activity, you would need to get estimates on the incremental effort from all 10 SMEs and then apply cost rates to those estimates.

Is there an option to look at a fixed cost approach for the review activity?

A bigger concern with so many reviewers might be schedule impacts resulting from delays in their reviews. In such cases, it might be good to organize a walkthrough session with the reviewers and then give them a fixed time afterwards to provide feedback.

1. How many stakeholders you had and how many you added.
2. Have your grouped your stakeholders so each group has a specified set of commuincation
3. Do you have indicative cost at the time being before adding?

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