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PRINCE2 vs AGILE foundation & practitioner?

I have experience in PM and want to gain a professional certificate, I am considering between PRINCE2 OR Agile foundation & practitioner. Any suggestion on whats the best to take in today'job market please ?
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There are several variables in play like career direction, market needs, interests, etc. That aside, both together would provide a solid [certification] foundation in today's market.

Prince2 already has an Agile stream so you could do both in one.

You can go for Prince2 Foundation and then proceed to Prince2 Agile.
This way, you will earn Prince2 AND Agile skills and qualifications.
An additional advantage of this will be the fact that, unlike Prince2 practitioner exams, both Prince 2 Foundation and Prince2 Agile do not require re-sits for renewal.

I'd ask a few recruiters which is more valuable in your area. On the one hand not many adverts seem to want Prince2 nowadays, but Agile is often required for software development type projects. Meanwhile PMP and APMQ are both probably much more valuable than either....

I'd beg to differ as many recruiters do look for and prefer Prince2, especially in UK/Europe.
I agree that discussion with recruiters and/or going through the job descriptions and requirements can be greatly beneficial.
Also, Agile is associated with Software development industry BUT definitely not limited to it.
The question was about Prince2 and Agile, but any person can take several alternative routes, especially with PM experience already on his/her CV.

I concur with Faisal's post. PRINCE2 is heavily used in the UK and PRINCE2 Agile is an excellent extension to the PRINCE2 Foundation credential.

My understanding of UK market there is a strong demand for PRINCE2. Agile would be a nice extension if you're in the IT market.

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