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PRINCE2 Training
I have been working towards my PMP certification however my new employer wants me to utilize PRINCE2 instead. I understand this isn’t a big certification in the US so I’m having troubles finding/determining who I should utilize for training. Anyone have any suggestions or taken the training with a specific company?
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Hi Ashley, there are many online training companies for Prince2. I used SimpliLearn for a couple of my training, but if your purpose is just to learn it and not get certified in it, there also many books on Prince2 and Udemy courses that are much cheaper alternatives.
1 reply by Riyadh Salih
Apr 30, 2018 11:43 PM
Riyadh Salih
Sante, I found the simpliLearn website is the most expensive.
I did my PRINCE2 certification through Simplilearn. Was satisfied with their training and material.
Check Lynda as well, in addition to Udemy.
In addition to that some books can really help you :

PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook
PRINCE2 Study Guide
You can look at Axelos (PRINCE2 responsibles) for trainning information
Thank you all for your input! I will be doing this to obtain my certification. I plan on taking the two different classes instead of one giant cram week.
Only problem I'm currently running into with Simplilearn is the class times are 10:30 pm-4:00 am CST. ...not quite ideal.
I thought Simplilearn had online courses that are self-paced too? Personally I would prefer a classroom course or one with a live instructor but there are some good online only options too - Simon Harris has one.
If you plan to be certified. The best option is to check on Axelos site for a trainer in your area.

When you have your PMP certification the first level requires the course but no exam. If it didn't change.
Ashley, I agree with all my Gurus they have given you really good websites

Vincent, last time I checked for PMP certified the requirement for foundation will be waved off
Ashley -- you can check I did my PRINCE2 from this web but I haven't gone for certification the fees is really high
1 reply by Ashley Bonner
May 21, 2018 2:17 PM
Ashley Bonner
I checked and they do not offer anything related to PRINCE2.
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