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2015 PMI Scheduling Conference: Build Your Defense Against Chaos

June 17, 2015 | Online

This all-day virtual event featured expertise to assist practitioners with Building Your Defense Against Chaos in the world of project scheduling. Two concurrent tracks of content featured 1.  Education and Training Track: Learn best practices in project scheduling methods, techniques and approaches (topics include: applied schedule management and scheduling for programs and portfolios); and  2. Case Studies and New Advances Track: Pick up valuable case studies and/or lessons learned in project, program and portfolio scheduling. This includes presentations on scheduling theories and techniques from real projects and programs (topics: risk analysis and scenario-based program scheduling).

Scheduling 2015: Applied Schedule Management
by Renato Santos
This presentation will focus on real world schedule management processes, with an aim to fully integrate Planning, Scheduling and Change Control Management into one robust procedure.



Scheduling 2015: Big Project Pain Points and How to Resolve Them
by Robyn Plouse
An Air Force program was suffering schedule slips, threatened budget reductions, and lack of insight into risk impacts. Booz Allen Hamilton supported the Air Force in implementing a joint DOE/DoD Integrated Master Plan & Schedule. Our team analyzed the state of the program, and implemented best practices.


Scheduling 2015: Implementing the Right Tool the Right Way
by Joseph Little
This outlines proven techniques for implementing control solutions in your organization. It addresses organizational readiness, change management, and execution. The approach incorporates software development life cycle, project management, and employee develpment practices necessary for proper adoption.


Scheduling 2015: Scenario-Based Program Scheduling
by Naveen Kondamudi
The paper outlines the key concepts of scenario based program planning through first hand experiences on how programs are managed across Auto, Aero industries. This approach helps to effective and quick decisions minimizing cost and schedule slippage.


Scheduling 2015: The Importance of Scheduling for Programs and Portfolios
by Kristy Neckowicz
Scheduling is an important part of project planning and execution, but what's not commonly acknowledged is the importance of scheduling at the program level. Kristy will share real examples and lessons learned about scheduling, dependencies, and critical path at the program and portfolio level.


Scheduling 2015: Streamlining Scheduling and Quantitative Risk Analysis
by Wesley Gillette
Historically scheduling and risk analysis were separate processes with separate tools leading to schedule and data integrity issues and unnecessary complexity for the scheduler and risk analyst. Streamlining and integrating these processes leads to fewer issues and less complexity for the scheduler and risk analyst.


Scheduling 2015: Saving your Troubled Project-From Tragedy to Triumph
by Frank Saladis
The goal of any project is to deliver the desired value. Occasionally, projects face situations that may result in the potential for failure. Most project failure situations do not occur suddenly. This session will provide PMs with information and techniques to assess project health and develop a plan for recovery.



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- Mark Twain