The Value-Adding PMO: Myth, Mystery or Might-Just-Be-Possible?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

If we assume that most people want to do meaningful work--and that these people also find their ways into PMO roles--value should theoretically come out the other side. That this does not occur suggests there is something wrong about how we are defining what PMOs should do, the functions that they should perform or the manner in which those functions are being delivered.

The PMO Value Problem

by Andy Jordan

Why do you have a PMO? The value of PMOs is not well understood. It’s important to understand and explain their benefit--but how? This article offers some thoughts on how PMO leaders can demonstrate real value to their organizations.

PMO: Collaborate or Perish

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

When the dust settles on the question of how to make PMOs deliver successful projects, only one question remains: How effective was the level of collaboration between a project manager, other shared groups and the PMO?

The Cure for the PMO Headache

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

PMOs can add significant value to an organization and be vital to the overall success of enterprise initiatives. But bloated processes and burdensome administrative overhead often lead to a fatigued delivery model. MIDOL to the rescue!


"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else."

- Erma Bombeck



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