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What does change management mean for project management?

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One Solution for Project Success: Project and Change Management in the PMBOK Guide

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by Thomas Luke Jarocki

Project management is primarily an integrative job. This includes the integration of change management principles and activities throughout the project lifecycle. Unfortunately, many practitioners--regardless of their backgrounds--find it difficult to integrate strong change management principles and techniques with project management practices. PMI standards hold many of the keys required for developing structured and robust change management activities without the need to create a separate or adjunct change management plan.

The Dimensions of Change in Requirements Management

by Mike Frenette, Salah Haswah, Thea Hughes & Leandro Mingoti, Victoria Cupet

Although requirements define the desired state of the organizational change, they are themselves subject to change. Regardless of the whether a project is using a traditional or adaptive framework, controlling changes through established processes is necessary. Learn about four steps to create a common vision and get the necessary commitment and compliance from the involved stakeholders.

Steps to a Successful Change Journey

by Lawrence I Lerner 
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New projects, big or small are massive change events potentially affecting people with diverse perspectives, needs, wants and organizational policy/process that cost tens of millions of dollars. Every enterprise will recognize common elements from this theme. Enterprises begin change events both big and small and always with good intentions. No project ever starts to prove some activity can fail or that people are not competent. Too often there is much activity with little effect on the key areas that must be addressed. People, process, systems and technology (in that order) are the poles around which all Planning and execution occur. By addressing these five areas and defining key measures you will have a more impactful and lasting project/change management program.

Reinforcing Project Management in Functional Organizations with Business Process and Change Management

by Shu-wing Pang

Organizational structures are an important enterprise environmental factor affecting the effectiveness of project management. Through a literature review and an actual business case, this article reveals how a functional organization structure limits project management practice. The article will then illustrate how proper business process and change management initiatives can be adopted to enhance the values of project management under such an organizational structure.

Effecting Corporate Culture Change through Project Management Methods

by James G. Trexler

The author presents a case study detailing the attempts of a company to bring accountability to its inefficient IT operations. After several failed attempts, organizational change is achieved through the establishment of a project management office (PMO). The benefits realized through creation of the PMO are explained along with lessons learned.

Maintaining Engagement as Part of Change Management

by Joe Wynne

You will have to fight against the gravitational pull of negative organizational climate to achieve the engagement of project workers and others. Use these tactics to help you win the battle.

Managing Changes Using Standard Practices

by Omar Ali Beg

Project management practitioners will face many change management challenges. The main purpose of this article is to provide standard guidelines, including change request templates, to project, program, and portfolio managers on how to implement an integrated change control system in their organization.

Change HEADWAY Change Management Status Report

PREMIUM deliverable
by Interthink

This document provides the project sponsor, the steering committee and other stakeholders with an understanding of how the change is being received. The status report template allows the project manager to provide the audience members with a high-level view of the status of the change. The template provides them with enough information in order to for them to understand change progress whilst not so much information as to overwhelm them.

Change Management and the EVA Road Show

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Motivating an organization to incorporate earned value into their culture is an exercise in change management. Effectively managing change isn't an easy process--and rolling out EVA throughout an organization can be challenging. Applying the following change management activities to your EVA implementation can help improve its adoption.

Organizational Culture and Its Effects on Project Management

by Sunil Raikhanghar

Organizational culture is made up of the attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors of its employees and underlying assumptions. If an organization’s culture is not supportive of project management, project management tends to be viewed as an additional burden and interference to the daily work. If there is no effective project management office and no standard processes, procedures, measurement, and organization culture across projects, projects will operate differently from one project to the next as well as from one department to the next. Project culture within an organization can essentially can make or break the projects undertaken by that organization.



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