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What are tools, artifacts, etc., needed to perform project management quality?

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Measuring the Quality of the Project Management Process

by Michael Wood

What does quality project management mean? What does it look like? Can all project management be measured using the same metrics? What might those metrics be? Here's some help with the designing of meaningful metrics for measuring the quality of your organization’s project management process.

EPCM Projects: Construction Quality Management (CQM)

by Valentin Kouprine, PhD, PEng, PMP Hayden Du Pont

Quality management, a well-established practice during the engineering and procurement phases of EPCM projects, has increasingly been adopted by construction companies as an initiative to solve quality problems and better meet the needs of final customers. The author explains the factors that affect the quality process, responsibilities of the chief participants and benefits to be realized.

The Cost of Quality: Tata Group Case Study

by Prasad Menon

A quality-driven program is essential to good project management. This article features the chairman of Tata Quality Management Services (Mumbai, India) discussing how his organization meets global standards for business excellence with a quality-driven program. It details the organization's use of the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) across its companies to measure how each is performing. It then provides an example of Tata's approach to project management using its US$4.5 billion, 4,000-megawatt power plant project in Gujarat, India. The article also explores the organization's approach to innovation noting that intuition and entrepreneurship can take precedence over process. It examines how quality processes help companies better manage their projects. It concludes by suggesting ways companies can make quality part of their project management process.

Quality Management for Embedded Software

by D. Mari Rengarajam

Quality process has to be built into a project and should not be seen as a waste of time or cost. The time invested in developing quality software is the best time to earn the reputation and goodwill of the customer, and the cost invested is the cost of reducing rework. In this article, we will see how and what needs to be considered for embedded software development to plan, execute, and control quality.

Continuous Integration and Testing

by Kapil Kr. Bhatia

Using continuous testing, one can immediately detect problems in code — before it’s too late and problems spread. Using a clever combination of tests, tools, and techniques you can tell right away when there’s a problem and it’s easiest to fix. The author uses a case study to illustrate the benefits of continuous integration (CI) and how it leads to better quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA).

Quality, Not Testing

by Andy Jordan

Testing is not the same as quality, and it’s not a replacement for it either. Our writer hopes to help you identify some ways that you can improve how you manage quality on your own projects--and hammer home that if you plan for quality in the first place, you won’t need to spend so much time fixing the things that have gone wrong.

PM Skills: Shades of Grey

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

If uniqueness is the mutable metal of our projects, then repetitiveness is the forge on which we temper those specialist skills that give it shape. But what kind of repetitiveness tempers those skills? And how long does it take to temper them? What really counts is the quality of the experience--and not just its quantity.

Project HEADWAY Quality Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable

On many projects, quality is often poorly defined and/or poorly communicated. The purpose of this template allows the project manager to define quality on the project and detail the required metrics and steps necessary to ensure a quality project.

Sample Project Quality Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable

This sample Project Quality Management Plan includes instructions to the author, boilerplate text and fields that should be replaced with the values specific to the project. It includes an area of introduction, a project quality management overview, project quality management, and an approval section.

Sample Project Quality Plan

PREMIUM deliverable

This sample Project Quality Plan includes sections and instructions for Quality Management Method, Project Quality Assurance, Project Quality Control, Project Audits & Quality Reviews, Team Roles & Responsibilities, and more.