How do I effectively manage International Development projects?

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Managing an International Development Project

by Bob Weinstein

Does the idea of being a jet-setting James Bond of the PM world sound intriguing? The world of International Project Managers is an inviting one, but it's not all jets and champagne. If you're considering the world of the IPM and overseas project management, here's a crash course to help your decision. Before you charge out to update your passport, think about these realities.

Managing in a Global World: How Easy is This, Anyway?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

How global are we, and how global are we likely to become? If we’re not seeing the evidence of increased globalization, does that mean that it doesn’t exist or that--once more--we’re being passed by and made redundant? And what does all of this mean for project managers who are still working hard to get their projects done? The answers are are a click away...

Four Dimensions of Global Projects

by Sunil Sharma

Time, space, language and project management can be a communications nightmare for a variety of reasons. As we look at the challenges faced by a developer of software intensive systems as it questioned going global, some valuable lessons are unearthed.

Post-Conflict Capacity-Building Projects in a United Nations Environment

by Kashif Basheer Khan

The selection of projects and effective project management assumes a critical importance in the fast recovery of a nation that has recently come out of a war or war-like situation. Describes and gives examples of projects in the immediate post-conflict phase classified as quick impact projects (QIPs) or winning heart and mind projects (WHAMs); projects in the medium-stabilization phase to take baby steps toward self reliance and inhibit the chances of re-ignition of hostilities; and long-term capacity building projects geared toward achieving long-term stability.

International Intrigue

by Jacqueline Dasso Haddad, PMP

Imagine you just got assigned to an international project. Nothing could be more intriguing than the thought of working in a foreign country, eating different foods and learning different customs. Read on for help in the initiating and planning phases on international projects.

Haiti: A Crisis Management Nightmare (Part 1)

by Bob Weinstein

An absence of leadership has crippled rescue efforts. For crisis managers in all areas, this tragedy is a harsh reminder that provides some important lessons.

The Capital Projects Development Process Used in Cities Throughout the People’s Republic of China

by Wenyi Li, Roger L. Kemp

This paper describes the capital project development process used by cities in the People's Republic of China. It is a generic process used by public officials and citizens throughout this nation. The respective roles and responsibilities of public officials, development managers, project consultants, building contractors, and citizens are described in detail in this paper.

Project Management in Education Empowering Projects for Emergency / War-Affected Regions

by Muhammad Javeed Sarwar

The communities confronted with disaster, destruction, and displacement in any part of the world are faced with numerous challenges. In most cases, the impact of disaster is greatest for women and children, second only to the destruction of civic infrastructure .The launching of relief projects that include well planned and organized education projects not only assist in enhancing the educational level and skill development of children, but also reduce the their psychological trauma.



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