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How is a PMO effectively managed?

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The Outsourced PMO

by Andy Jordan

An organization running a fully outsourced PMO?! Crazy talk, right? Not so fast. Read on for a case study of an unusual PMO model--and what all PMOs can learn from it.

The Strategic PMO: What About the PMs?

by Andy Jordan

In recent years, more visionary organizations have made their PMOs more strategic, giving them greater accountability for business-critical functions. But where does that leave the more tactical support that PMs used to enjoy from the PMO?

Growing a PMO in an Operationally Focused Organization

by Andy Jordan

How does a PMO succeed when the organization isn’t focused on projects? Our writer shares an experience working with an organization in the position of not only needing an IT PMO that has more formal structure and communicates well with the business at large, but also in need of formal project execution in other business areas.

The Two-Tier PMO Model

by Andy Jordan

Many organizations are looking at a PMO hierarchy--a single, central EPMO that aligns with the portfolio and defines corporate-wide strategy, paired with departmental-level PMOs that are modified versions of the distributed PMO model that organizations are more familiar with. In this article, we look at some of the considerations necessary to build an effective two-tier model.

What Do Your PMs Think of Your PMO?

by Andy Jordan

What is your PMO’s reputation among the PMs it serves? There could be a lot of distrust. Through experience, one manager discovered some potential problem areas that you may want to look at in your own organization.

The Cure for the PMO Headache

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

PMOs can add significant value to an organization and be vital to the overall success of enterprise initiatives. But bloated processes and burdensome administrative overhead often lead to a fatigued delivery model. MIDOL to the rescue!

The Key Elements of Successful PMO Reporting

by Manoj Varsani

One of the most important aspects of project management--and a key task of any successful Project Management Office--is a high standard of reporting. These guidelines cover some of the key areas that should always be included in a PMO report and project reporting.

How to Run a Small PMO

by Elizabeth Harrin

You don’t have to be a big firm to have a PMO. Even small teams benefit from taking a high-level view of the portfolio.

Evolving the PMO: From Project to Program to Portfolio

by Rob Saxon

Sometimes, the definition of the “P” in PMO is elusive. To effectively build, maintain and evolve a PMO, however, we have to be very clear about what this letter means. Approaching the definition with specific goals in mind can help us to put together a world-class organization.

From IT to Business-Driven PMO

by Michael Wood

If an organization is to ever realize the value a PMO can deliver, it needs to think outside the IT PMO box and become a business-driven PMO--one that is driven by the strategic goals and objectives of the organization. When this happens, the impact of projects are more dramatic and the IT components of projects are viewed in the proper context.

Demonstrating Value and Measuring Success through Planned Management

by David Blumhorst

PMOs will have different contributions to the business based upon their unique mandate, goals and objectives. It is important to remember that PMO contribution is a matter of planned management execution, not an automatic or guaranteed success.



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