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What are success indicators for a PMO?

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PMO: Collaborate or Perish

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

When the dust settles on the question of how to make PMOs deliver successful projects, only one question remains: How effective was the level of collaboration between a project manager, other shared groups and the PMO?

Have We Reached Peak PMO?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

The average lifespan of a PMO from inception to demise is approximately two years. That raises numerous questions regarding the purpose and relevance of PMOs. Those questions, however, can probably summed up with one general one: Have we reached peak PMO?

What Do Your PMs Think of Your PMO?

by Andy Jordan

What is your PMO’s reputation among the PMs it serves? There could be a lot of distrust. Through experience, one manager discovered some potential problem areas that you may want to look at in your own organization.

Ensuring PMO Success

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

Despite their high failure rate, PMOs have the potential to deliver numerous benefits to the enterprise. Unfortunately, many PMOs fail. So what can executive leadership do to ensure success?

Demonstrating Value and Measuring Success through Planned Management

by David Blumhorst

PMOs will have different contributions to the business based upon their unique mandate, goals and objectives. It is important to remember that PMO contribution is a matter of planned management execution, not an automatic or guaranteed success.

The Litmus Test for PMO Success

by Chi-Pong Wong

Although some feel that the labels PPM, PgMO and PMO should be used to distinguish management offices, their sharing of very similar governing processes and common characteristics have caused many to continue to use the term “PMO” to apply to all of them. Here, we identify six key virtues that make or break any one of the aforementioned acronyms.

Is Your PMO Set Up for Success?

by Rob Saxon

The tasks the project management office are faced with can be daunting, so it may be helpful to keep a few basic tenets in mind. To set up your PMO for success, your best bet is to play it S.A.F.E., and play to win.

Annual Planning in the PMO

by Andy Jordan

The PMO must have an easy time of annual planning, right? It's a service function that provides resources based on the overall project portfolio, and the organization determines which projects to approve. Based on those decisions, the PMO knows how it needs to adjust its resource model. But life’s not quite that simple...

The PMO Health Check

by Rob Saxon

A program management office’s “health” may be similar to our own in that with a few measurements, we can get a sense of the state of the PMO. In this article, we look at a PMO’s health in relation to time reporting, budgeting and project reporting. By periodically measuring the relative efficacy of these three areas, we might begin to get a sense of a PMO’s overall health.

5 Steps Toward PMO Success

by Kevin Kern

Ideally, it’s a centralized hub for organizing processes, managing special projects and facilitating the free flow of information across your enterprise. The ultimate Project Management Office is a model of defined and aligned processes, with results tracking and transparency to match. Try these tips for project management success.

Leading Successful PMOs

by Peter Taylor
February 12, 2013 | 60:21 | Views: 550 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.31 / 5

The session will explore some of the research carried out by Peter Taylor for his book ‘Leading Successful PMOs’ (Gower). The book brings together the experience and views of PMO leaders from around the world and the project managers that work within the PMOs, as well as those who are now seeking leaders for their PMOs. Together we will identify what it is that successful PMO leaders have and do that allows them to be successful and how the rest of us can learn from those proven experiences



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