Project Management

Project Manager Expertise, Experience, and Career Development

Project Manager Expertise, Experience, and Career Development: Where we stand today and how we may influence tomorrow

Dr. Brandon will share highlights from his recent research study exploring the key expertise, experience and career development factors which contribute to overall project manager competency and project success.

The objective is to offer insights into how project managers rated their skill levels, provide an easy assessment tool, and recommend ways for project managers and leadership to enhance levels of expertise and accelerate professional development.

The attendees will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Understanding 10 significant expertise factors and 5 significant experience factors which contribute to overall project manager competency and project success
  2. Understanding the common areas of strength and weakness of project managers of all levels of expertise ranging from Novice to Visionary and how they varied as the Overall Expertise skill level of participants increased
  3. Understanding the critical need for fast-track training, on-the-job experience for novice managers entering the field, and how to navigate from novice to master project manager
  4. Participating in active dialog about the findings and recommendations and sharing personal experiences

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