Project Management

Business Processes and Project Management Processes: Correlation, Integration, and Evolvement

All of us know about business processes. Any business development starts with a process organization. Before starting a new project, we also have clearly defined processes and a clear understanding of these processes. We have these processes groups in each project. We need the system approach for the project execution.
Understanding Project Management processes in the context of the organization's business processes is very important. It'll help us apply various Project management methodologies, and their effective combination, as well as it gives the possibility of flexible management. This webinar will show a point of view, answering the following questions. Which business processes are we have in the project? How to effectively integrate the project management processes into the business processes of the organization?  What could we do for their evolvement?

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify kinds of business processes;
  • Understand how to organize interaction between business and project management processes;
  • Explain how to operate processes for the agility;
  • Recognize how to differentiate processes;
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze and describe processes;
  • Develop organizational management skills.

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