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Center Stage Podcast Club: The Global Future of Talent

This session is intended for engagement and knowledge exchange.  It is not a PDU-eligible activity.

Disruption is affecting so many aspects of how organizations operate, including how they hire and manage people. Technology, especially during the pandemic, has accelerated new ways of working that enable organizations to broaden their talent searches, while giving educated workers opportunities regardless of their geography, and offering employees flexibility to better balance work and life demands. At the same time, organizations as well as consumers are placing more value on diversity, equity and inclusion, spurring changes to both policies and workplace cultures.

How will these forces affect the way that organizations approach talent management? Guest Cali Yost helps organizations reimagine how, when, and where work is done. Guest Ronit Anvi is founder of Localized, a platform that unlocks educated talent for global companies. In this webinar, Cali and Ronit join moderator Tammy Ashraf to discuss the evolving ways that organizations are approaching acquisition and retention, ways of working and organizational cultures.

This is your forum for asking questions, reacting to our guests’ podcasts and sharing your own experiences.  Through engagement:

  • Consider what lasting effects the pandemic will have on ways of working
  • Explore how diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are changing how organizations find and keep people through hiring practices as well as cultural shifts
  • Consider how the globalization of talent is influencing the migration of knowledge and providing opportunities to educated workers regardless of where they live

You can listen to each of the podcasts at:  We encourage you to subscribe to the podcasts via your favorite streaming service (e.g., iTunes podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

Please complete this survey to share your input on the topic of talent, new ways of working, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Your input will be used anonymously to contribute to the Insights Report that will be generated after this session:


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