Project Management

Jugaad and Project Management

“Jugaad”, an Indian word signifying improvisation has become a buzzword in management circles. Originally used by native users to solve their myriad problems in getting things done in day to day operations, it is now being adapted more systematically and formally as a method to improve and innovate. How does the concept and practice of “Jugaad” relate to formal project management principles and knowledge? Traditional project management through its bodies of knowledge has espoused a structured methodology. One of the main criticism on the emphasis of detailed planning has been its unsuitability to situations and projects which are uncertain or developmental in nature. This has given rise to methodologies like Agile and similar frameworks which indeed have become very popular in application and practice. ‘Jugaad’ principles and its practice can be viewed in multiple ways in relation to projects. It can be seen as a method similar to Agile, or as a method in crisis management and more importantly as a way of frugal innovation. In the current business scenario of a VUCA environment this has significance and it is worthwhile to investigate the pros and cons of using the ‘Jugaad’ way in implementing projects. This webinar will explain the practice of “Jugaad” by tracing its origin and deliberate on the current effort to use it as a formal management practice. It will also provide examples and applications where it can be gainfully used for managing projects.

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